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Aishwarya Rai Favourites

My Favourite:

Movie: Casablanca

Hero/Heroine: Raj Kapoor, Nargis

Food: I can survive on anything

Assets: Genuineness

Passion: Life... every moment of it

Sex Appeal: Com(e) passion

Possession: My strength

Hate: Gossip, Hypocrisy

Strength: Comes from the honest love and faith

Dream man: Should be handsome, but not necessarily tall and dark

Birthday: November 1st


Do you think you could be Aishwarya's Dream Man ? Find out here if you qualify:

My ideal man should be madly in love with me because I won't have it any other way. I am a total romantic at heart, so naturally, my ideal mate better be well versed in the art of romance. Not flirting, but romance. And there is quite a difference.

I dig dignity. It is rare and priceless in a world that's so taken over by images and put-ons. So my ideal mate would be one who can carry himself with dignity, someone whom the world can look up to and admire and be in awe of.

Frankly, I want a friend, philosopher and guide, all rolled into one man. A combination of a father, friend and a lover. I get turned on by a man who will lead me to light from the dark. Doesn't that sound philosophical?

The biggest asset that a man can have is genuineness. I hate anything plastic or anything that's superficial and can smell superficiality from a distance.

My greatest necessity is a hygienic environment. So I like men who are clean and neat and not ones who leave their things strewn across the room or are dirty and don't wear clean clothes.

I am not brutally ambitious, so my ideal man shouldn't be so ambitious that he forgets about our relationship. Ambition is fine as long as it doesn't put a distance between the ones you love. I don't like people who neglect relationships for work.

Frankly, besides these qualities I really don't know what to say. I honestly don't know what my ideal mate should be like. I am not consciously looking out for a relationship to happen.

Of course subconsciously, we all like to have a little romance in our life. I believe in a meeting of the souls and emotional attachments between two people interested in being together because that's what soul mates are all about. And an ideal mate is necessarily a soul mate. If I meet a man and our souls connect then I might just get emotionally involved.

Compatibility too tops the list. We may not share too many things in common, but we should have a common basic principle by which we lead our lives.

Physically, the man should be handsome but not necessarily tall and dark! He should be well dressed, not expensively but sophisticatedly dressed.

What I would also like in my ideal mate is that infuriating and yet endearing quality, childishness. My ideal mate would be a little bit of man and a little bit of child, rolled in one.